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New visions and directions in Tungsram Laboratory.
With 100 years of experiense we are opening
to new industry fields and industries.


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About our laboratory

Tungsram Laboratory founded in 1921 by Lipót Aschner at Budapest. In the last 100 years we achieved many success thanks to our well-equipped infrastructure and professional team. Now we have 20+ technical experts including 10+ engineers with agile and client focused attitude.

Tungsram laboratory
High qualified team
5 laboratory field, more than 100 equipment
Testing 256.000 samples under 13.000 requests per year
100 years of experience and know-how

What we can offer
for our custumers

Tungsram Laboratory specializes in real manufacturing testing procedures. Our team examines more than 200 thousand samples per year in the field of Material Characterization, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Environmental Resistance, and Electrical and mechanical safety. Gain business benefits with the help of our expertise.

Material Characterization
  • Metallography
  • Optical & Electron Microscopy
  • Chemical Analysis (elemental analysis)​​
  • X-ray Analysis​ (structural & elemental analysis)
Photometry Laboratory
  • Spere Photometry
  • Gonio Photometry
  • Automotive Tests
  • Photobiological Tests
  • Light Transmission & Reflection
  • Light flicker
Electrical & Safety Laboratory
  • Electrical Safety
  • Mechanical Safety
  • IP & IK
  • Dust
  • Glow Wire
EMC Laboratory
  • Radiated & Conducted Disturbances
  • Immunity Tests
  • Harmonic Currents


Environmental Tests Laboratory
  • Acoustics
  • Thermal & Humidity
  • Salt Fog
  • Vibration
  • Sunlight
  • Life Tests

EMC Laboratory

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing measures
the ability of equipment or systems to function
satisfactorily in their electromagnetic environment
without introducing intolerable electromagnetic
disturbance to anything in that environment.


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Environmental Tests

Environmental testing is the measurement
of the performance of equipment under
specified environmental conditions,
such as: extremely high and low temperatures,
large, swift variations in temperature,
blown and settling sand and dust,
salt spray and salt fog.


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Electrical & Safety Laboratory

Electrical safety testing is
essential to ensure safe operating
standards for any product
or establishment that
uses electricity.


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Photometric testing services
are available to characterize
spectral distribution, lamp efficacy,
luminous flux, UV contents
and reflection and transmission.


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Material Characterization

Material testing and characterization,
assessing and ensuring the quality,
properties, and behavior of materials.


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Why Us?

Laboratory team
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge gained during the last 100 years
  • Understanding what our clients are need due to125 years of production experience
  • Wide range of engineers and technical experts
  • Stable and experienced colleagues with an average of 17 years in our organization
  • Well-equipped 2 400m2 laboratory
  • Several well-known scientific results
  • Internationally registered laboratory

Components Our Success

Our diverse technological background rooted in our experience in manufacturing from a complex set of services that we offer to our mainly futureproof customer base.

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Passion to deliver by Tungsram

Passion to deliver by Tungsram

Passion to deliver by Tungsram

Build a bright and smart future with us!

Take an active part in changing our world for
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