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Tungsten and wire

With several years of experience in wire manufacturing
and excellent references in healthcare, automotive,
lighting and other industries.

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About tungsten production capability

Tungsram has developed and built fine-wire production machines and
processes in-house to ensure high capacity and uncompromising quality
Our wire-cleaning capabilities meet the highest industry standards.

■ The lowest wire size currently produced is 0.000315 inches (0.008 mm)
■ Complete process control from powder metallurgy to packaging,
ensuring full traceability throughout the production process
■ Tailormade mechanical properties, surface finished (black as drawn,

We provide full circle production from raw material to the final product.

Highest melting point among metals at 3370°C (6100°F)
Lowest thermal expansion coefficient amongst metals at 4,5ɑ (μm/m°K)
Highest tensile strength amongst non-alloyed metals at 2965 MPa (430000 psi)

Advantages of tungsten

■ The material’s tensile properties and general robustness provides
outstanding mechanical strength at a very low diameter range,
allowing practical utilization at miniature and microscopic levels.
■ The density of tungsten renders it visible and therefore traceable
under X-ray and ultrasound (applied at security checks at the
airports, medical X-ray and ultrasound examinations).
■ The material’s resistance to heat and relatively good conductivity
allows makes it and its alloys ideal for utilization as circuits for

■ Due to its thermionic emitting and heat resistance capabilities,
tungsten can be utilized as an electron source for X-ray or CT
■ It is characterized by chemical stability; a highly resistant material
that tolerates multiple disinfection cycles well, resistant to acids and
alkalis, excellent for use in medical applications.
■ We manufacture it with a clean metal surface, controlled oxide
and graphite layer, or a predefined extra coating, which makes it
excellent as a heating component for car windscreens and adaptable
to various needs.

Passion to deliver by Tungsram

Passion to deliver by Tungsram

Passion to deliver by Tungsram

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