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About Glass Production of Tungsram

We have fifty years of experience in glass melting and machining at our site. Our expertise is focused primarily on the production, exterior and interior coating and tinting, as well as packaging of thin-walled glass products that provide a body of rotation. We have produced lampshades – our core product – for customers all over the world, but we have also made glasses and Christmas tree decorations. All this is complemented by the production of glass stone and pebbles.

We work on four machines with maximum speed of 2,400 pieces per minute
Weight of 6-130 g, diameter of 14-127 mm, and length of 50-215 m
The inner surface of glass products is mirrored under vacuum with aluminium or aluminium-bronze (this technology provides a silver or gold coating)
We use electrostatic painting (different colours, we can varnish the inner and outer surfaces)
We also perform sandblasting for glass products.

We carry out our activities with outstanding professionalism that is primarily built on a thorough knowledge of technical glass production and which includes pressing, balloon blowing as well as glass tube production and cutting. Our services cover the entire range of glass production, from powder mixing and glass grinding to soft water production and electroplating to the physical and chemical laboratory testing of glass technology. It is important to highlight that our team’s expertise goes beyond being highly familiar with the technology, as we service and maintain our machines ourselves, and we are also able to carry out complex hot-running repairs in the glass melting furnace on our own.

Passion to deliver by Tungsram

Passion to deliver by Tungsram

Passion to deliver by Tungsram

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