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Ceramic production

Complex ceramic manufacturing process in Budapest,
from powder mixing, drying, pressing, injection molding,
cutting to pre- and final sintering and grinding.

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About our ceramic factory

Tungsram’s manufacturing capabilities have included ceramics production for decades, previously related to traditional lamp production, but now it is  an independent activity. The current product portfolio was launched on its own from 2010, mainly for the production of ceramic materials for dentistry (barstock), and then from 2013 also for the production of ceramic braces. By 2015, we had successfully developed our insulating ceramic production process for the assembly of other light sources, and from 2019 the production of a valid projectile-resistant vest insert used in the military industry could begin.

High Pressure Sodium and Ceramic Metal Halide
High-purity 99.99 percent aluminum oxide
World-class sintering capability in H2 gas at high temperatures.
Molding – extrusion – pressing

Al2O3 ceramic advantages

  • Capable of withstanding very high temperature: 1800-1900°C (3272-3452°F)
  • Very good resistance against acids and alkalis
  • High wearing quality
  • High hardness: 82 (HR-45N)
  • Crystal structure without porosity
  • Very low thermal expansion coefficient: 7,2 ɑ (μm/m°K)
  • Very low electric conductivity

Versatility in utilization

  • Personal & vehicle defense
  • Laboratory instrument tubes and sample holders
  • Piezo sensors
  • Thermometry sensors
  • Membrane
  • Prostheses, dental implants, brackets
  • Furnace liner tubes
  • High voltage insulator
  • Seal rings

Passion to deliver by Tungsram

Passion to deliver by Tungsram

Passion to deliver by Tungsram

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