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Tungsram Group has been an innovative company since 1896.
The company wants to explore new businesses beyond
lighting and automotive based on the advanced capabilities
of its 5 factories.

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The Components and services business unit was established in April 2018
with the  objective of putting the industrial capabilities
and technologies of Tungsram to the service
of other large corporations while also searching for new industrial
opportunities and market segments to expand our challenges.



of market experience


in Hungary



Tungsram Capabilities
in Hungary


Tungsram has broad experience in production of various metal parts using Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Steel, Silver, etc. With more than 170 pressing machines and equipment we can produce 10 million pieces of metal parts a day satisfying the most challenging requirements such as manufacturing complicated shapes, welding, threading and applying different surface treatments.

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Tooling; Stamping; Sheet metal forming; Machining; Surface treatment; Welding;


Sheet metal forming

Sheet metal forming
CNC machines
Bihler technologies

Tooling; Injection molding;

Plastic Products in
Various Shapes and Sizes

Plastic Shop Equipment

>500 active tools
CAD/CAM software


Tungsram has the plastic injection molding capability especially for automotive and lighting industry. Our history in automotive industry ensures best in class product and process quality. Our experienced internal tool designer team, wide range of production peripherals and flexible solutions can support the highest level of production for our customers.

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Our Machinery Plant in Hajdúböszörmény is equipped with top-tier CNC-controlled automatic lathes, machining centers, traditional and special machines. We are able to meet the highest customer requirements and industry standards. Our plant’s organization structure and equipment makes us strong in low and middle volume production. We are capable to execute complex manufacturing tasks from design and construction through assembly and automation.

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CNC Turning; Grinding; Milling; EEM; Water jet

Parts Manufacturing

3D Measurement

More than 88 cutting
equipment including
32 CNC machines
Design and construction
of unique parts,
devices, machines
Machining with
raw materials

SMT line

Production system

Manufacturing and design
even in the automotive industry
100% automatic quality inspection

Technical dimensions: 50×70 – 500×460 mm;
0,3 és 8mm up to 100 different components


Our Nagykanizsa plant has surface mount technology production line. The line was installed in 2016 with state of the art manufacturing and measuring machines. The production line fits to a wide range of products beyond PCBA for lighting industry. Automotive production started in 2017. The SMT area is certified to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

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Tungsram produces excellent quality products that comply with international and domestic standards according to the traditions of the company. We pay attention to the special education of our staff and the continuous development of our equipment. Our business unit provides welding of superalloy materials, steel, stainless steel and aluminum according to the highest quality standards. Tungsram welding owns leading technologies and capabilities.

About the technology »

Welding solutions with NDT technology

Welding solutions with NDT technology

TÜV certified to Pa, Pb, Pf welding positions
Validity range: sheet metal thickness

3-24 mm

Welding seam layer: 5 mm, seam shape: 5 mm

High Pressure Sodium Ceramics; Ceramic Metal Halide

All ceramic products

High purity 99.99% aluminum oxide
High heat and chemical resistance
World-class sintering capability with H2 gas


Tungsram’s manufacturing capabilities have included ceramics production for decades, previously related to traditional lamp production, but now it is  an independent activity. The current product portfolio was launched on its own from 2010, mainly for the production of ceramic materials for dentistry (barstock), and then from 2013 also for the production of ceramic braces. By 2015, we had successfully developed our insulating ceramic production process for the assembly of other light sources, and from 2019 the production of a valid projectile-resistant vest insert used in the military industry could begin.

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Our Hungarian glass factories produce a wide range of products with soda-lime and hard glass. The Tungsram portfolio provides bulbs not only for traditional lighting such as GLS, HID, PAR, Automotive and Halogen but for colorful Christmas lighting as well.

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Soft glass; Hard glass

Borosilicate Hard Glass

Running Products

Pressing and blowing
Insulation glass
Colored glass

shapes and


Tungsten Metallurgy and Tungsten Manufacturing is an essential part of Tungsram’s history from the very beginning of the Company Tungsten production started in the early 1900’s.
Tungsten manufacturing located in Budapest (Powder Metallurgy, Tungsten Rods & Heavy Wire) and Hajdúböszörmény (Tungsten fine wire, coiling & filament production).
We have several years of wire manufacturing experience and excellent references in Healthcare – especially in instruments production of surgical robots -, Automotive and Lighting industry.

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"The efficiency of Tungsram LED lamps is outstanding, the plants grow beautifully and properly, and in terms of energy costs, our operating costs are much lower than what we experienced before in the case of traditional greenhouse lamps"

Tamas KozmaRetail Owner Abared tomato (hu)

Components Our Success

Our diverse technological background rooted in our experience in manufacturing from a complex set of services that we offer to our mainly futureproof customer base.

Passion to deliver by Tungsram

Passion to deliver by Tungsram

Passion to deliver by Tungsram

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