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The launch of the new equipment followed months of development, and it fits perfectly into the strategy of Tungsram that is focusing on the biggest challenges of the present such as food supply security, a livable environment and sanitation solutions.

The UV-C Sanitizer cabinet by Tungsram can eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria from everyday products and business tools in as little as 5 minutes. Simply place any object inside the box, switch on and then wait for the item to be cleansed of pathogens ready for immediate use.

Why UV-C light technology? Scientific data shows that no known micro-organism is resistant to UV-C light. Nowadays it is one of the most effective tools to eradicate the new coronavirus and, in fact, all other viruses and bacteria. The disinfectant properties of ultraviolet radiation has been known for nearly 150 years. Tungsram has almost 90 years of experience with UV-C lighting and 125 years in the lighting industry.

Tungsram used high-quality materials and the main components are made in the EU. UV light exists naturally, creating no waste from by-products. The lamps within the unit are fully recyclable.

It is a fast solution, since based on UV-C radiation intensity measurements within the Sanitizers, 5 minutes are sufficient to eliminate 99.99 % of most common pathogens. It is easy to operate by any employee with no special training requirements. The equipment is certified by TÜV and Synlab, and its effectiveness is now tested by the paramedics and several hospitals in Europe.

‘The UV Sanitizer is a product designed and manufactured completely in Hungary that proved that Tungsram understands social responsibility, reacts fast and can provide support, solutions for current health care and pandemic-related problems’ said Technology Director of the project Ferenc Lantos.


The Tungsram UV-C Sanitizer allows businesses to provide a clean and safe environment for their customers and employees by properly sanitizing their products and tools of business. Some of the verticals:

• Opticians
• Offices
• Jewellers
• Hotels
• Bars/Restaurants
• Medical offices/Hospitals
• Car showrooms
• Nursing Homes/Retirement homes
• Hairdressers and barber shops
• Beauty salons
• Nurseries
• Museums and public monuments
• Dentists


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