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Vibration test at Tungsram Laboratory


One of our core clients reached us to find mechanical limitation for vibration endurance of their outdoor LED luminaire in order to ensure safe operation during any kind of environmental impacts. Tungsram Laboratory was pleased to comply with the request.

The challenge

As a solution our team of test engineers and their team leader continuously supported the complete product development phase with safety and mechanical tests. As a team we redesigned the product structure and strengthened its key areas. Furthermore, they used a different type of bolt to ensure safe bounds. During the analysis we implemented sine 3g vibration tests on resonance frequency to reveal cracks and broken bolts.

The solutions

Vibration test with lumiares

As a result, we provided a safe product on long term vibration endurance tests with keeping production costs on the same level. The new design was documented and launched in production. Also, design guidance was updated with test & design modification results. We look forward similar challenges for our laboratory.