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Tungsten wire in heated windshields


wire production

Tungsram’s wire manufacturing capabilities date back decades, but due to our research and development efforts the company can now offer unique services to cutting-edge industries. Be it healthcare, such as the production of components for surgical robots or solutions for the automotive industry, there are no impossible challenges for Tungsram’s engineering team and technological excellence.

The challenge

windshield heating

In the Hajdúböszörmény factory tungsten wire as fine as 24-33 micron is being manufactured which can be an excellent use as a component for vehicle’s heated windshields. The automotive industry uses the tungsten wires due to their unique mechanical properties, such as having the highest tensile strength out of any natural metal. Due to the special coating the tungsten wire layered in the glass of vehicles is barely noticeable, has a stable resistance, maintains its diameter excellently, leaves no marks during installation, and does not distract the eye while driving. Important benefit of vehicles with windshield heating is the energy efficiency, as the thermal demands of the interior are reduced, and the noise of the heating system does not distract the driver.

Every year 15% of crashes occur due to extreme environmental conditions (Source: Heated Windshield Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Opportunity Assessment 2021-2031 (, specifically heavy snow fall and frozen windshields.  It is understandable that to reduce the risks there is higher demand for windshield heating in the European and North American markets. A new trend is expected in the automotive and windshield market as manufacturing of vehicles equipped with windshield heating is expected to double worldwide.  The growth in demand will not only be part of the automotive industry but is also expected to be seen in the aviation and military industries.

The solutions

fine wire production

We are manufacturing 80-150 Ohm wires to our current partners for front windshields; however, we can conform to any future customer needs to the maximum.  As a result of our excellent technological capabilities and expert team Tungsram can satisfy all customer’s needs, let is be everyday cars or high-end luxury brands.