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Tungsram Industrial
Park in Nagykanizsa


The Tungsram Industrial Park is not new in the life of our company as this service has been operating actively at our Nagykanizsa plant since late 2019. We welcomed Warema Plastic Technology Hungary among our first lessees; the company’s portfolio includes plastic moulding for cover panels of cleaning appliances.

The succesful cooperation began in the February of 2020 when Warema settled in the industrial building 62 of our Nagykanizsa plant. After emptying the hall we strived to cater to our customer’s every need at the highest quality thus we built a partition wall in the rented area to make sure production can begin in the April of 2020. Thanks to our customer-centric attitude Warema could launch production in three shifts and with three machines on the scheduled date. Since then the number of machines has grown to seven and the company’s plans include further expansion.

The challenge

In order to meet customer demands to the full we also re-designed the electric grid and thanks to the excellent professionals of Tungsram we took part in tasks related to machine setting as well. To make sure the cooperation is as smooth as ever we supported our partner in additional tasks such as choosing the local contractors, requesting price quotations or with the help of our engineering experience organising their work processes while bearing in mind the EHS regulations of Tungsram. We are especially proud of the fact that our new renter asked for our help regarding choosing the first few colleagues.

The solutions

This high-level cooperation has grown so much in the last 3 years that launching a new product together by 2021 is now among the plans. Further demand for renting was also communicated by Warema with special attention to warehouse capacity which can translate to another 700-1000m2 worth renting demand in the near future.

We are extremely glad that our new service portfolio succeeded in practice as well while it was paired with high-level of customer satisfaction; Dynamic Medical Solutions that builds its future developments on the services of Tungsram Industrial Park is a great example for that. We carry on our best practices as soon, our industrial park service will be available in Budapest and Hajdúböszörmény too.

"Support for project management and all other areas (procurement, maintenance, HR, operational safety and much more) is very professional and
an important factor in the start of our development and in the continuous expansion of production."
/Michael Schäfflein - Warema/

Carsten Knodt