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Engineering consultancy and production line development
at Avon Hungary


engineering consultancy Tungsram

Tungsram is a manufacturing company with 125 years of history. Due to the company’s manufacturing and production activities, expertise, and legacy the organization has accumulated knowledge and experience about construction of production lines, commissioning, and development. As a result of the constant desire for action and development, the company has countless manufacturing and production line development projects in our production to increase our productivity.

The challenge

engineering consultancy Tungsram

Tungsram has expanded its own manufacturing and development projects by using its capabilities, the passion for improvement, and the knowledge. The company wants to make its technical expertise, waste management, and process improvement for external market and industrial players.

The solutions

engineering consultancy Tungsram

Based on this initiative, Tungsram has been contacted by AVON Cosmetics Hungary about improving their packaging line. A detailed inspection was initiated followed by a development process on AVON’s site with active participation of our company. As a result, their packaging line was stabilized. The satisfaction and trust of our customer is shown in the future plans for cooperation through new, short -and longterm development projects.